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Introduction to Datix Wi-Trak

Datix Wi-Trak represents the last evolution in portable handhelds. Datix Wi-Trak is a multipurpose handheld designed to answer, with one fully configurable device, to all the inquiries coming from many business sectors such as the security&safety and time&attendance markets. Datix Wi-Trak comes with many independent hardware modules which can be combined to obtain the configuration best matching the required application. The areas covered by Datix Wi-Trak modules are: data acquisition, communication (both voice and data), geographic tracking, safety and interaction between headquarter and on-field Operators.


Datix Wi-Trak: some examples of application

Being a multipurpose device, Datix Wi-Trak turns out to be essential for many applications and, generally, whenever you need a smart data logging combination, real time monitoring, GPS tracking and Operator’s safety. Some application examples can therefore be:


- Guard Tour System (with both real time and off-line data monitoring)

- Time & Attendance for moving Operators (cleaning companies, home care, remote yards,...)

- Maintenance Services Control (lifts, fire extinguishers, boilers,...)

- GPS tracking

- Lone Worker’s Alarm (man down)


Datix Wi-Trak management

The Datix Systems management is based on a set of scalable software applications that are customized to meet the real Customer needs. The management modules (guard tour, time&attendance, personal safety) and the components, added to receive and monitor data through GSM/GPRS, can be combined to obtain the desired system distribution. There is availability of either stand alone configurations or Client/Server configurations based on SQL database.


Software blocks

Datix Suite – Application written in to create database entries, to setup Datix systems and to plan activities (scheduled guard tours and working calendars).


Datix Real Time Server – It is the core of the system, a server application able to monitor in real time via GPRS the on field activity of the devices and the danger conditions of the operators (panic alarms, and “man down”). The user interface signals through visual and acoustic alarms any detected anomaly by assuring the monitoring center just-intime actions targeted to solve a problem and to allow its future prevention. Once decoded and suitably handled the data received can either feed and SQL database or they can be exported to third party applications (payroll, crew scheduling, working hour counting tools, monthly wage management, etc,...).


Datix Reports – Datix Reports are web based applications to create, to visualize and to export statistics that are generated by the handling of data collected through Datix systems. Datix statistics are quickly customizable and they give out important information used to manage activities and their future planning.


Datix Wi-Trak technical features

• 32 bit core microcontroller

• Non volatile EEPROM memory

• USB local communication

• Li-Ion rechargeable battery

• 3V Lithium backup battery for RTC

• Motion sensor

• Vandal Detection System

• 125 KHz RFID tags reading

• R/O and R/W RFID tags capable

• Quad-Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900)

• GPRS class 10

• Audio & Voice

• Emergency calls

• Panic alarm

• Man Down alarm

• 20 channels GPS receiver

• Active GPS antenna

• Membrane keyboard

• Ultra-brilliant graphic display

• Power saving & Low power consumption

• Enclosure: Bayer Bayblend

• Weight: 235 gr.

• Dimension: 150 x 64 x 42 mm

• Certification: CE

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